Bettercup Menstrual Cup
Bettercup Menstrual Cup
Bettercup Menstrual Cup

Bettercup Menstrual Cup

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bettercup is made from 100% medical grade silicone. It has absolutely no nasties. No dyes, BPA, latex, bleach or plastic. For every bettercup sold, one is donated to a girl in need. Read below for further details. 

Just pure and simple.

Size A suitable for those who have NOT given birth or are aged UNDER 25

Size B suitable for those who HAVE given birth or are aged OVER 25


Your bettercup comes with a GOTS certified organic cotton storage bag and manual.

Tampons, on the other hand, are made up of a mix of synthetic materials, cotton and plastics. Tampons work by absorbing your menstrual fluid which means they also absorb other essential bodily fluids as well, often leaving you feeling dry.

bettercup collects your menstrual fluid rather than absorbing it. Which means no dryness, and none of your natural bodily fluids are absorbed unnecessarily. You can even pop your bettercup in slightly early, for peace of mind when you know your period’s due, without causing your body any irritation. You can also leave it in right ‘til the last signs of your period, again without leaving you feeling dry or irritated.

bettercup is super soft, supple, kind to your body and easy-to-use. Using a bettercup is the equivalent of around three regular tampons and it can be left in safely for up to 12 hours. Apply with an easy step-by-step guide.



At bettercup we believe, and we’re sure you’ll agree, that sanitary care is not a privilege but a basic human right. It breaks our hearts to think that people across our world are missing school and using unhygienic means to cope through their menstrual cycles. We couldn’t bear to know that this was going on, and so our dream is to put a stop to an issue that - at its core - feels so simple. Half of the world’s population will have a period so why is menstruation not better funded and supported?

And that’s where you step in. For every bettercup sold we are able to give one to a person in need. Our first partnership is one particularly special to us, Hamara Hope School, a rural farm school in Zimbabwe. bettercup founder Ruth’s sister helped to start and now works at the school.

Hope School offers education to around 420 local children and teenagers in western Zimbabwe. Children in this community typically live in basic two room, brick or mud homes, many without electricity or running water. They survive on an average family income of $1 per day. This makes sanitary pads unaffordable for almost all of the girls who attend Hope School. Currently the school relies on donations of sanitary pads from well-wishers, as the girls previously had no other option than to use rags during their periods. However, since Zimbabwe is currently in one of the worst times of inflation in history, even these donated pads are becoming unaffordable.

The exciting opportunity with gifting bettercups to these students is that it is a long-term answer, rather than fleeting aid. No need for more pads donated month after month, that one bettercup will enable them to focus on their education for the rest of their schooling, rather than worry each month how they’ll get through their next period.