Christmas Beeswax Wrap Kit
Christmas Beeswax Wrap Kit
Christmas Beeswax Wrap Kit
Christmas Beeswax Wrap Kit
Christmas Beeswax Wrap Kit

Christmas Beeswax Wrap Kit

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Beeswax wraps are the perfect alternative to disposable zip plastic bags and single-use plastic wrap (cling film).

This Christmas DIY Wax Wraps Kit is the perfect gift for anyone that is eco-conscious and loves to learn a new skill! Included in the kit is everything you need with step-by-step instructions on how to make your own wraps!

The Kit Includes: 

x4 block of our handmade natural beeswax mix
x3 100% Festive cotton wraps (fabric varies)
x1 wooden spreader
x1 greater for beeswax
instructions guide

How to use:

1. Place tea towel on top of ironing board or safe surface area

2. Cover tea towel with Baking or Parchment Paper

3. Place used beeswax wrap on top

4. Grate the Beeswax Refresher block onto the used wrap evenly until covered evenly

5. Place second Baking or Parchment paper over the top of used beeswax wrap

6. Use the iron and gently press the iron over the baking/parchment paper and keep moving evenly until it has all melted into the wrap.

7. Carefully remove the top baking or parchment paper

8. CAREFULLY remove the beeswax wrap from the second baking/parchment paper, picking it up by the corners.

9. Move the wrap back and forwards and you will feel it harden within 10 seconds, then you're all done!



- Please remember that the iron you use will be very hot and heating up wax can also cause damage to touch.

- Do not complete this process in a gas oven or near flames. Use an old tea towel to avoid wastage or damaging a new one.

- Keep baking paper for next time

- If you did not use all of your beeswax block, please place in the pouch provided to keep safe for the next use.

- To clean off wax from grater, boil water and pour over the sink, once again, please be careful with the boiling water