Coconut Bowl / Spoon Set
Coconut Bowl / Spoon Set

Coconut Bowl / Spoon Set

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Out of the billions of coconuts harvested each year, 99% of the shells are discarded and or burned as waste. We are up-cycling these shells so you can avoid the use of plastic for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

The beauty of our coconut bowls is the unique shape and markings making no bowl the same. Multiple uses for our Coconut bowls, perfect for your breakfast, lunch and dinner creations, use as a table decoration or as a kids snack bowl. Everything looks and taste better when in our Coconut Bowls. 

Option to add a coconut spoon is available. 

Looking after your Coconut Bowl:

Please treat with love and hand wash only. When the shell is looking dry rub with coconut oil to maintain the shine. 

Coconut shells are ethically sourced, 100% natural, eco-friendly and biodegradable.

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