Organic Bath Soak- Calming
Organic Bath Soak- Calming

Organic Bath Soak- Calming

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Calming Lavender & Rosemary Organic Bath Soak

A blend of organic sea salts, Himalayan pink salts, pure lavender essential oil & fragrant rosemary leaves

Lavender is commonly known for its calming and sedative effects, promotes a good night’s sleep. Equally, it is purported to be antibacterial, can ease menstrual cramps, and treat skin conditions such as eczema.

How to:

To ensure that your salts remain as fragrant and as luxurious as the day they were made, store in a cool dry place; why not reuse a glass jar, that way, your salts will not only smell beautiful, but they’ll look beautiful too.

When you’re ready to use your bath soak, simply use 3-5 scoops (wooden spoon included) and shake liberally over warm running water. If you wish to keep the petals contained, simply decant the salts into the muslin bag (also included).

Simply sit back and relax with your favourite book, and let the salts do their thing.


All bath products comply with current EU regulations & are CPSR approved.

Seek medical advice before using if you suffer from skin sensitivity, are pregnant, breast feeding, or have a medical condition, avoid contact with eyes.

250 grams in a cellulose (plant-based material) pouch

Natural ingredients

Plastic-free packaging

Lovingly handcrafted by UlandB L O O M

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